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Neil Island, Andaman & Nicobar


You can choose from our standalone cottages and garden rooms. We've got three of each, spread over an acre. All our rooms are air-conditioned.

Garden Rooms
INR 5,750 + GST. Breakfast and other meals extra

Three rooms, built side-by-side. Each room comes with its own private sit-out. Perfect for those looking for a well-appointed, quiet, functional room. These rooms also work well for large families or groups that would like a stand-alone section to themselves.
Owner's Cottage
INR 7,500 + GST. Breakfast and other meals extra

Designed with love for like-minded travelers and divers. This room comes equipped with its own library, turntable (Project Debut Carbon), an outstanding collection of vinyl in mint condition (Norah Jones, Nina Somone, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Sting, Indian Ocean, Abida Parveen, Shakti, Ravi Shankar and others), a Nespresso machine and a fully functional study table with a 40-inch screen that doubles up as a montior, HD webcam and wireless keyboard. Welcome home!
Old Cottage
INR 4,600 + GST. Breakfast and other meals extra
These are our original cottages. They're independent, spacious, air-conditioned and come with their own private sit-out.
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