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Dancing Dugong has collaborated with The Kachrewaale Project (TKP) to introduce a two-day, awareness-cum-volunteering certificate program on conservation. 


TKP is a non-profit, based out of Neil, focused entirely on waste-management.

While we’ve designed these sessions for children, we see no reason why we should introduce an age cap. 


These sessions will be conversational and will be conducted personally by

Garima Poonia, TKP’s founder. 

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Day 1: Discussion for 2 hours

What you were never told about plastics

  • History of plastics (production and advertising) 

  • Impact of plastic on health and ecology

  • Relationship between climate change and plastic


Relationship between waste and global warming

  • Emissions from waste

  • Challenges in managing waste

  • Management of waste to reduce global warming

Introduction to waste management regulations in India

Day 2: Discussion for 2 hours, followed by beach clean-up

The relationship between plastics and marine ecology

  • Plastic pollution of the oceans, a history

  • Common problems

  • Greenwashing solutions

  • Impact of plastics on marine ecosystems

  • Solutions

Reducing plastics in your life/ reducing your plastic footprint/ living an eco friendly life

  • How to identify different types of plastics

  • How to reduce non recyclable waste

  • How to make your own products, bath powders, shampoos, washing detergent

  • Alternatives to chemicals in lifestyle

  • Clothing and plastics

Learning to compost. Get your basics right

  • Different types of composting

  • How to select appropriate composting techniques

  • Troubleshooting common problems and challenges in composting

  • Composting for bulk waste generators

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Beach clean-up

At the end of Day 2, we head down to one of Neil’s beaches and join other volunteers as we clean trash and continue to talk about what we can do to make a cleaner difference.


Rs 4,000 per participant

Payments can be made directly to The Kachrewala Project.

Dancing Dugong does not retain a fee for this program. 

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